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How to create video memories of your baby

It’s hard to believe how incredibly fast our children grow. We spend years capturing our children’s memories and watch them grow up. We know how overwhelmed we are in today’s fast moving world but also realise how spending more time with them teaches us a lot about them and strongly supports our relationship and bond with our beloved children.

A lot have tried to document their children’s memories and got very excited about going through the journey. A lot also end up forgetting about the whole thing after a while because of the responsibilities we have. For those who made it to the end, congratulations!

Today we’re going to explore a method to create video memories of your baby, and yours, to make it more fun. The simple method will make your smartphone’s photo library come alive.

Let’s get started.

You’d first want to pick a simple video editing app that you feel comfortable with. We’ll then use it to create a video after compiling photos we want in the video.

I would recommend a software that you’re familiar with to simplify the process of making the video. I am a Mac user so I would start with iMovie. If you don’t have a video editor in your possession, then I recommend searching for a free software online. Here’s a list of the best free video editors I found in techradar.

After picking a video editor that you feel comfortable with, we’ll start making our video. The following process is the same in any video editor you’ll choose. The only difference between how your final video looks is the features that your chosen video editor supports.

Let’s do some work.

The basics

In order to stay on the right track, preparation is key. This is also good to help us with future projects that we plan to undertake. It’s also important to stay consistent and set a goal so we can always look forward to achieve it.

To start, I’d advice to stay organised to make the whole process easy and avoid frustration half way through the process. A simple piece of advice I can share here is to organise your photos in folders and subfolders. The order of how you sort your photos in the folders is up to you. I have my family photos sorted in folders and then subfolders and then, if needed, another level of subfolders; like an organisational structure sorted chronologically.

The good thing though is that after you sort your photos in the order of your choice, you’ll be able to use them over and over without the hassle of having to search for each photo in multiple locations like if you have some in your computer, most would be in your phone and some other in the email or Facebook.

However, the question is about making the video. Let’s hop on.

Pick your software 

You can easily make video memories of your baby that you’re sure to watch for years to come on your computer. The process depends on the software you’d use and whether you use Mac or PC.

For simplicity, I’ll briefly talk about both, Mac and PC, to create the video.

If you’re a Mac user

If you’re a Mac user, then I would advice to start exploring iMovie. You can begin learning how to use it by following a guide or a YouTube tutorial if you you don’t want to do it on your own.

Whether you have a movie for your kid crawling or still photos, you can completely reimagine the way they look with iMovie. You can edit the movies, add voiceover, add sound tracks and songs in the background, add captions to the photos, add credits and titles and then export them in a variety of formats.

Just give it a try and you’ll be amazed with what iMovie can do for you. 

If you’re a PC user

If you’re a PC user, I would start exploring the Window Live Movie Maker. It’s very simple to use and if you’re struggling with anything, YouTube is your friend.

It’s full of features and probably the easiest to use for video editing. Like iMovie, you can add sound tracks and voiceovers, add captions and titles. You can then export your edited videos and share them.

If you have a Windows 10 powered machine, you can utilise the Photos app to create slideshows with musical background.

Enhancing your videos

You’ve now picked a software to make the video memories of your kids, what’s next, you ask?

Move your movies: move your baby’s movies and photos to your computer. Once you decide which software to use and downloaded everything you need to move the video to your computer to then transfer them to your chosen software.

Start editing: I’m sure every little thing your little one has done over the years has been fun, interesting, fascinating and captivating, but I doubt that you and your spouse want to watch a 2-hour video, even of your beloved little one. Go through your videos and edit them down to make shorter videos of few seconds (maybe minutes) each and then choose the best footage from each edited video.

Add credits: what’s nice about these programmes is that you can add credits to the beginning and ending of your video sections. If you’re creating a video for a certain occasion, you add credits to tell what occasion is the video covering. Both opening and closing credits are possible.

Add titles: adding titles is good to separate different sections from each other. It also differentiates occasions like holidays from summer vacations and to explain special events like birthdays and parties in the video.

Use transitions: the programmes above have several transitions to choose from to help your movie flow. Animated movements like fade in and out, bars, checkerboard across, diagonal are just few transitions available in Windows movie Maker for example.

Utilise effects: both transitions and effects can make your video more engaging. These elements can take your videos to the next level. Effects can alter the look and feel of your video. It’s simply an overlay that lays over your video, or photo in the programme. They may be various colours that allow you to brighten up your scene or make it darker, or it can be special filters for specific colours. Just deep dive into your programme to explore your options. Don’t overuse them though.

Voiceovers can explain: you can record yourself onto the video to describe a scene or explain what was happening in some special moments in the video. It would be fun to ask siblings, grandparents, other relatives and friends to add their short voiceovers to the video.

Play music: songs that fit the scene can make the video truly special. You can add your favourite music, or one that reminds you of your little one, which can make your kid happy when they know how you feel about them.

Next step

You’ve now created your video and added nice credits, meaningful titles, used special effects and transitions, described some happenings and attached music to your video. What to do next?

Once done, you can save them to your phone’s library, locally on you computer, save them to an external hard drive or save them to your favourite cloud-based service. Now is the time to share them with friends and family.

I would suggest that you save your custom video memories in a specific location so they don’t get buried with tons of other photos and videos.


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