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Create your own personalised photo album

I know a lot of people who have tried to find a way to document the moments they lived together with their children but most of them fail half way down their journey for several reasons. Some get bored, some don’t have enough patience and lack consistency, others may be bogged down with responsibilities that they don’t find enough time for this.

It’s sad to think about this later in life when we realise that our family, and friends, are the biggest assets we have in life. It’s never too late, but starting today is better than making promises then end up abandoning the whole idea of documenting the happy moments you’ve had together.

Whether it’s your family or your friends celebrating the holiday season, or out on a vacation, it’s a good idea to give those memories the time and effort they deserve, at least for the sake of remembering the old times.

Consistency is key, and for that you just need to think about the quality time you’d spend with your loved ones while working on this.

Today, you’re going to create your own personalised photo album for those times when you were together with your beloved ones.

Before we start 

We need get things ready before we deep dive into this because we need to make sure to avoid any obstacles in our way while working through the process.

My simple piece of advice here is to have your photos ready. If, for example, you rather want to create your own personalised photo album for your newborn, you’d then need a system of organising your baby’s photos in a way that doesn’t bother you and waste a lot of your time when you start a project like this one. We’ll talk in depth about how to achieve this in a future post. For now, refer to “The basics” section of this post.

Materials we need

When I created my first photo album, I bought a hard cover self adhesive photo album, had some photo printed and finished it in few days. I also created PowerPoint slides for quotes, wishes, etc. and had them printed. I don’t remember how many pages the photo album was but I was very excited to see the reaction when I gifted it. Overjoyed is what I can say.

Depending on how far you want to go with this, it varies from one person to another. Some just want to stick photos in an album, some like to draw objects on the pages of the album, others may go even further and get embellishments to complement the album. Not a lot of materials are needed but just in case you wonder what could be needed, here are some to consider.

Photos of the occasion: of course, you need your photos ready. Consider the photo sizes to fit your album size and different layouts. For example, you may want to have a photo collage in a page and a full sized photo in another page. You may need to crop some photos to fit your design and album size.

Self-adhesive photo album: plenty of types are available to choose from. There are the hardcover ones, which is what I used to create my own personalised photo album; there are the spiral bound photo albums; there are different sizes, different lamination options, etc. Find the one that fits your needs.

Some embellishments: if you want to decorate your pages with ribbons, buttons, etc. then you’d get some of those to complement your design.

Other materials: you may want to draw a bear here, a flower there, or write something in a certain page. Consider some art pens and colours that suit the album’s paper.

Time to create your own personalised photo album

After you think about everything else like your layout design, decided on what photo album to get and in which size, had your photos ready and printed, and got other materials, it’s time to decide on the theme of your photo album to fit the occasion. Not necessarily the occasion is your wedding, it could be your partner’s birthday. Come up with a design that fits the occasion. I created one for my wife on her birthday and she was overjoyed.

Put everything together and start with a title to the occasion. Consider writing some headings to make clear what the photo, or section, is about, and conclude with an ending title.

You now have created your own personalised photo album that’s good-looking whether for you or for the receiver.


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