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Create custom memories on iPhone

It’s those footprints we leave behind in our children’s lives today that would make the biggest difference in their lives when they grow up. Remembering these memories we had together with our little ones is what really keeps those moments last. Whether a moment was joyful or selfish, warm or cold, it’s the happiness we feel that counts when we reconnect with our moments from the past.

Having to journal your memories can seem to be a daunting task. In many ways, it is actually. However, there are other methods available to us today that takes this process to a whole new level without needing to stand up on your foot.

Technology has made everything that used to be a challenge to achieve simple and easy. Here we’ll explore an easy method to create custom memories on your iPhone and iPad. What I mean by custom memories is coming later in the post.

What is iPhone memories?

Introduced first in iOS10, the memories tab in your iPhone’s photos app automatically scans your photo library and creates smart albums based on different variables. There are memories based on date, others are based on location, memories could also be based on the photo content. For example, your iPhone will create an album for your vacation in Paris, or an album for your coworkers photos at Costa Coffee.

What’s nice is that your iPhone will also automatically attach a soundtrack to the album and you’re free to change it with a finger swipe. That will change the theme applied to the photos in the album. More than just that, you can choose what photos appear in the album and you can add and remove photos to fit your needs.

Using memories tab on iPhone

That’s a neat feature comes stock with your iPhone and all of that is nice, but, there’s always “but”, we want to create completely custom memories on our iPhones that represent us, our interests, what we really want. The process is simple and shouldn’t take much time, especially that you’re going to use your iPhone’s photo library. Let’s go over the process and see the result.

Creating custom memories on iPhone

The process we’ll go over here is to create a new album in your photos app to add the photos in and then create the memory. Here’s a simple step-by-step process:

  • Go to the “Albums” tab available at the bottom of your iPhone’s Photos app
  • Tab the plus “” icon at the top left of the screen and name your album
  • You’ll then be asked to add photos to the album. Add all photos that you want to create memories for. Add enough photos so the iPhone can create a reasonable length memory video
  • Your album is now created with photos of your choice
  • Go to your new album available at the “My Albums” section of the Albums tab and open it
  • At the top of your photos, there’s your album’s name, tab it
  • Enjoy your memories

You can do this over and over with photos for different occasions. You can also add videos to the memory video. Your holiday with the family, your party with friends or your vacations. All you need to do is to create new albums and save your memories.

Customising custom memories on iPhone

There’s more. You have created your custom memory and enjoyed watching the video but you didn’t like the soundtrack or the photo combination. There’s a way to customise it too. This is simple to achieve too. There are two ways you can do this. We’ll cover both here.

Here’s how to change photos in your iPhone memories tab:

  • While in the screen of the new custom memory, tab select at the top right of the screen
  • Choose photos you want to add to the video and tab done
  • Now you have only photos you choose to appear in the video

This method is fast and good for quickly editing your video.

Controlling everything else: the other method gives you more control to customise the starting title text, video title picture, music soundtrack, video duration and photos. Basically, everything in your created memory can be customised to your liking.

Here’s how to change titles, title picture, music, video duration and photos of your memory on your iPhone:

  • Go to the new memory from your new album and play the created video
  • While the video plays, tab anywhere. A world of options appears
  • Starting at the bottom, there’s the short, medium and long options to control the length of the video
  • On top of that, there’s the other themes like happy, uplifting, chill, gentle, etc. that when changed will change the title text font on the video and also the music. The music chosen depends on the theme you select
  • At the top, there’s the Edit button, tap it and a new options panel opens up. Sometimes, a dialogue appears asking you to add the video to memories before proceeding with that. This happens when the video is not yet saved to memories. Tap OK to proceed.
Moving on to the new options panel. We’ll take this one by one:
  • The photo at the top: there’s a small rotating square icon at the bottom right of the photo. This is to change the photo orientation. You tab it and the photo rotates 90º
  • Title: this is the text appearing at the beginning of the video, which is also the name of your album. Tab it and you’ll be presented with options available for title. You’ll see your album name and the dates covering the video period. Tab each of them to edit them. You can then choose the title style at the bottom section of the screen
  • Title image: this is the still image you see before you play the video. Tab it and choose an image of your choice; maybe an image representing what the video is about
  • Music: tab this to either disable music in the video altogether or choose from Apple’s list of soundtracks. If you like to add your own music, tab My Music and add any music from your iPod saved soundtracks
  • Duration: to change the video duration
  • Photos & Videos: here you can either delete some photos and videos from the video memory or add more photos and videos from the same new album you created
  • Once you finish editing your video, tab done and your new custom memory is even more customised

You may ask how to share this video now that it has been customised to your liking. Easy enough, in the video page, there’s the option at the bottom left to share your memory.

You can share it with friends and family privately or on Facebook and Instagrm, and WhatsApp or save them to your device or the files app, if you have the latest version of iPhone’s OS. You can also save them to Dropbox or on the iCloud Photo Sharing. Lots of options there to share and save your video.


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